Brahim: “I always wanted to play in the best club in history”

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NEWS | 12/02/2019

The striker was the protagonist of a new installment of the ‘Field of Stars’ program by Realmadrid TV.

Brahim Díaz was the protagonist of the new installment of the program Star field, from Real Madrid TV. The Malaga striker spoke of his arrival at Real Madrid: “I have always lived in the present, I have never thought about the future, but when you get a team like the Real Madrid You think about returning to Spain to play in the best club in the world and in history. It was very exciting, it was maximum happiness. I was always clear that I wanted to aspire to more and play in the best club in the world. ”

“It was my dream since I was a child and for my family and for me it was a unique moment. Florentine He told me to enjoy and that the rest would come alone. The joy of seeing your parents so proud is a unique moment. I like the pressure and the big challenges. Story that you did, story to be done: that phrase is what the Madrid, the greatness of the club. When you arrive you have to be ambitious and want to win. This year I want to win all possible titles and contribute what I can. ”

Your debut

“Being able to be in the best club in the world is a dream since childhood. With work and humility everything comes. My debut was very exciting. He Bernabeu It's a different stadium, you feel at home. When you go out to the field you realize the dimension of the Madrid and the Bernabéu. I was waiting for my moment and when he arrived I wanted to enjoy the country and enjoy the people who came to see me, the fans. Everything went very well. ”

It is a challenge to win all possible titles for this great club.

“I am very direct in my game. I have the goal between eyebrow and eyebrow. I am skilled, technical, I read the game and I am aware of what happens to see where to create danger. My greatest virtue is work, that is what makes me better. Wanting to do it well and that people enjoy makes me be the way I am in the country. ”


“I watched many videos of Zidane. He is a special coach and as a player he was too. It was a pleasure to see him, how he controlled the passes and the spaces. I was small and I couldn't see him live, but I would have loved it. He is very affectionate, with me he has been very close. The relationship with him is very good, I am very happy that he is my coach and of being with him ”.


“I was at a good level, I got injured and had a moment of downturn. He had never had a bad streak of injuries. You had to solve it in the best way and I think I have done it. It is past, now we have to look forward, there is no other. I feel good, looking forward to it. I train to be prepared for what is coming and to be available to the coach. ”

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