La presidenta del PP de Cantabria, María José Sáenz de Buruaga

The president of the PP, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, has applauded the common front promoted by the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, to defend the electro-intensive industry in northern Spain against the Government of Pedro Sánchez. But he has also warned that it is necessary to demand by all means that the order that cuts aid to cogeneration be stopped and that Sniace has taken the coup de grace.

Buruaga has announced a coordinated action of all the institutional groups of the Popular Party so that the General Courts force Sanchez to turn back on his energetic Talibanism and stop and modify both regulations, which have put in check the great industries of Cantabria like Solvay, Nestlé, Textil Santanderina, Sidenor, Ferroatlántica, GSW or Dynasol and more than 4,000 direct industrial jobs.

The popular leader has said it during a visit to Torrelavega, where she has warned that the very hard blow that has meant the closure and liquidation of Sniace has been the first, but it will not be the only one if the Government of Cantabria does not take the rest.

According to the popular leader, the ax to cogeneration has given the coup de grace to the weak month and the first to fall has been Sniace, but threatens the future of many other industrial references in the region of Besaya and Cantabria that also have plants cogeneration

To this tijeretazo, the project of the electro-intensive consumer statute that is being processed by the Government of Sanchez and that can be the death certificate of the sector is added.

Buruaga has said that his party is neither resigned nor claudical and has stressed that we must react now and fight until the end, for which the Government will have the Popular Party at its side.

“If the problem of Sniace and many other industries in Cantabria is the change in the remuneration parameters to cogeneration. If the problem is the draft electrointensive statute, there is the solution. We must curb this regulation yes or yes, ”said Buruaga, who stressed that there was an industrial project for Sniace and investors who have left and will not return as long as the conditions are the same, unfeasible.

According to the president, all Cantabria agrees less the Socialist Party, which will always be with Sánchez, defending Sánchez's decisions and Sanchez's regulations against Cantabria, as he has done with VAT.

With these arguments, Buruaga has explained that his party applauds, supports and joins that common front promoted by the Galician president, who has taken the initiative and has taken the flag of the defense of the electrointensive industry.

And he explained that on Tuesday he spoke with Núñez Feijoo about the initiative and thanked him in the name of Cantabria, because his clarity of approaches and his demand for effective solutions has pulled Miguel Ángel Revilla and reacted to a socialist government like the Asturian .

"His step forward has helped the Government of Cantabria wake up and pass from words to deeds," said Buruaga, who recalled that the Revilla Executive has been absent for many months without moving a finger and has now put the mourning suit assuming that there is no solution other than the liquidation of Sniace.

However, for the president of the PP the request of the autonomous communities is not enough and cannot remain there.

For the PP, we must also demand by all means to paralyze and modify the order that cuts the cogeneration aid to return to the previous model, to a regulation that made the Sniace cogeneration plant a profitable asset and allowed Restart production

This is, according to the president of the PP, the only way to make Sniacesea attractive to an investor as a productive unit and to avoid the unfeasibility of the rest of the industries.

In addition, it is, according to Buruaga, one of the few cartridges that Cantabria has to save an industrial fabric and a region for which the PRC-PSOE coalition does not have Plan B, because five years later the big industries are caught with pins, there is no industrial land, no zinc mines, not a single industrial project and not a single advance in the pending infrastructure to revalue the strategic position and function of Torrelavega.

"Five years of theoretical recovery have only left the highest unemployment rate in Cantabria and rising," said Buruaga, who has opted to launch a genuine crusade for the economic recovery of Torrelavega, "which is in a coma. "And without Torrelavega and the Besaya Cantabria basin it cannot work," he added.

Buruaga has emphasized that forcing the Government of Sanchez to back down is not impossible and it was already done in 2014 with the governments of the Popular Party, when with dialogue and demand before the central government, regulatory changes were achieved to help the future of the industries.

Thus, he recalled that the sanitation fee was reduced by almost 70 percent and the green cent to gas and coal by applying the reduced rate of the tax; the cogeneration aid for Sniace was extended and guaranteed and the carbon sulfide immission parameters established in a state regulation of 1973. were modified. “It was done and can be done again. Only three things are needed: political will, empathy with Cantabria and the influence of the regional government, ”he added.

In addition to defending with its own initiatives in the Cortes that the regulations are stopped and modified, the Popular Party will request that the autonomous community be included in the framework of European aid for decarbonization processes to help face the energy transition of the industrial sector .

The Popular Party will also demand that the reindustrialization of Torrelavega and the Besaya region return to the General State Budgets, recovering the specific item within the Reindus eliminated by the Socialists.

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