La presidenta del PP de Cantabria, María José Sáenz de Buruaga

The president of the PP, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, today demanded that Miguel Ángel Revilla react to the alarm signals about the decline of Cantabria and give a rudder before the situation is irreversible because, otherwise, They paint clubs for this autonomous community.

Buruaga has appeared today at a press conference to ask the Government of Cantabria to wake up, abandon the escapism and complacency in which it is installed and face the worrying economic situation that the autonomous community is going through.

The popular leader has warned that the alarm signals indicate that the economic slowdown is deeper than expected and predicts bad times for Cantabria, a community where not a single day goes by without a negative indicator on the bad evolution of all the productive sectors, because everyone is in danger zone.

Given this situation, the response of socialists and regionalists is, according to Buruaga, always the same: downplay the alarm signals, blame others and invent a new project to request extension and try to distract the Cantabrian a few more years .

"They live in a parallel reality and meanwhile, all the problems are not resolved and aggravated, because our Government is always in tow," said the popular leader and added that the regional executive is unable to anticipate the problems and react when they explode in the face, because then it is either late or knocked out.

As an example, he cited the loss of the ferry line with Cork, a blow to Cantabria and the best economic news of the year for the Basque Country.

The president of the PP has stressed that the economic bill of the regionalist socialist coalition is not small or admits makeup, because Cantabria languishes, the regional economy is already in the growth squad and is a leader in creating unemployment.

And he has warned that what is happening in Cantabria was predictable and the PP has not stopped warning.

Thus, he recalled that the Popular Party has been warning for many months that Cantabria cannot live from inertia or from the air, that a government needs a regional project that exercises autonomy and that makes decisions because the driving effect of the policies of the Government of the Popular Party was going to end and it's over.

For the president, the situation in Cantabria is also a consequence of improvisation, the drastic cuts in public investment, the lack of stimulus to homes and companies and the inability to carry out any project, which has caused a very rapid cooling of the economy has translated into unemployment.

Buruaga has warned that employment cannot go well if the productive fabric and business activity are not stimulated, if there is no more effective public and private investment policy and sectoral policies without an authentic industrial policy, because the industry has In addition, it is also paying the consequences of the regional government demagogy.

The popular leader recalled that for the first time since 2014, in January of this year there is more industrial unemployment than a year earlier, which adds to the reduction of the Industrial Production Index that indicates that the region is in full productive decline and the situation of the big industries, which falter because their accounts don't come out.

"There is no one who governs the industry in Cantabria," said Buruaga, who after remembering that neither the wind farms, the zinc mining, nor La Pasiega, nor the Excavadas have been launched, has stressed that the Government PRC-PSOE coalition dies industrial projects at the same pace invented by the following.

To this panorama, he has added the uncertainty surrounding the investments in pending infrastructure in Cantabria, because if when Revilla and Sánchez were nail and meat he achieved nothing, now with the limitations of public spending and mortgages that the Government has to pay to his less independentista partners.

"I would like to make a mistake, but they paint things for Cantabria if the government does not react and gives a rudder before the decline is irreversible," said the president, who has claimed a total turn towards productive policies and public investment and private and a full-fledged rectification.

And, for Buruaga, the Government is doing the opposite of what needs to be done in these circumstances: fattening unproductive spending, public deficit and debt; Refusing to lower taxes while maintaining one of the highest tax pressures in the country and annihilating public investment, which is always the first thing that is cut. "It is priming another crisis with the aggravating fact that we have not yet recovered from the previous one," he added.

The president has assured that the Popular Party is not going to cross her arms and has announced that they will present a battery of initiatives in Parliament and in the General Courts to make the PRC-PSOE coalition react and defend and try to transfer to the government action its stability and growth program.

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