La presidenta del PP de Cantabria, María José Sáenz de Buruaga

The president of the Popular Party, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, today asked the regional government for an urgent rectification of its budgetary policy because it is leading Cantabria to the intervention.

The popular leader has warned that in 2020, the PRC-PSOE coalition will have to make more cuts than ever because in 2019 it failed to meet the deficit target, which will force it to approve a financial economic rebalancing plan, and because It has a gap in the budget of at least 175 million.

The president has supported this statement in closing data of the 2019 budget and in the evolution of the 2020 accounts, figures that are impossible to hide and make up and say that Cantabria has a serious budget problem.

Thus, the budget deficiencies of mandatory coverage have been estimated at 75 million, the money that the Government of Cantabria has budgeted less to meet such unavoidable expenses as the payrolls of the teaching staff and the statutory staff of the SCS and educational concerts.

According to the calculations of the PP, the Government will lack 30 million to pay the salaries and Social Security of teachers in Cantabria; At least 32 for the statutory staff of the public health system and 13 for educational concerts, which is equivalent to a 75 million starting hole, at best, since this figure does not include the labor agreements that may enter in force in 2020, neither the increases in staff nor the debt with suppliers that fattens every day.

In addition, other budget sections such as ICASS and SEMCA are at the limit, so the slightest deviation in their expenses will be sufficient to enter into a situation of insufficiency.

The president recalled that, in 2019, the PP made this same warning and was not wrong. In August, the Government made cuts for 35 million that it hid and that paralyzed public investment in Cantabria and, as it did not arrive, later approved a transfer of 20 million of the public companies to pay the payrolls of education and health in a unprecedented operation and never seen in this community.

The popular leader has also warned that the Government is hiding from the citizens that it has budgeted 94 million more for deliveries on account of what it will actually receive.

Thus, he explained that the budget records an income for this concept of 1,951 million, while the sum reported by the Ministry of Finance as effective account deliveries during the year 2020 amounts to 1,857, a gap of 94 million equivalent to the entire outstanding debt for the works of Valdecilla, to whose payment the Government of Revilla trusts the economic future of the community.

"Honestly, I can't think of how the Government is going to achieve such a messy situation if it is not with more cuts and more debt," said the president, who has attributed to the situation of public accounts the fact that Cantabria has commercial debt highest in the country and the average period of payment to most scandalous suppliers in Spain.

As of November 2019, this debt reached 215 million, 175 with providers of the health system, which represents 1.5 percent of GDP, compared to 0.41% national average, while the average period of payment to providers stood at 90.37 days, 112.64 in the healthcare field. "For much less, the Ministry of Finance has intervened the accounts of the region of Murcia," he added.
Buruaga has added to that budget hole, the 42 million corresponding to the last VAT annuity of 2017 that the Government of Sánchez has refused to pay.

After warning that the PP will not accept ruinous barter, but claims that the Government pays what is from Cantabria, the president has assured that she is not surprised that the Minister of Finance has swallowed with the Ministry's Cambalache that supposes the Flexibilization of the deficit target because it is a book breacher.

And it is that contrary to what the counselor has assured again and again, the deficit with which Cantabria is going to close the year 2019 will be at least eight times greater than the allowed, at least 0.8 percent, a serious deviation that, as Buruaga recalled, will require the approval of a Financial Economic Rebalance Plan and will require cuts to the 2020 and 2021 budget.

According to the president, this means that the budget will have to withstand more cuts than ever: those derived from the breach of the deficit target and those derived from the 2020 budget shortfalls, which at least amount to 170 million.

“Now you will understand why I affirm that this Government takes our autonomous community to head for intervention,” said the president, who has emphasized that the deficit is not an abstract thing, it is a dependent person that will not be addressed; an unemployed person who will not receive help to relocate; a work that is not going to be executed, an industrial estate that remains another year without building or a supplier that is going to bite because the Administration pays you late or badly.

The popular leader has blamed the serious situation of the public accounts on a government "irresponsible, that budget poorly, manages worse and systematically deceives citizens". "The Government says that it has what it does not have, it spends more than it can, it does not pay nor what it buys nor what it owes and it behaves like a manirroto and a bad payer", has summed up.

And he has warned that the PP will not remain idly and will submit the Government to the monitoring and control of the systematically fleeing.

The first measure will be to ask the Minister of Finance to explain the situation and the actions of the Government to redirect it.

“I hope that this time he does not dare to lie, that he does not dare to argue that Cantabria is on the path of budgetary stability and I hope he does not use people as an excuse again, when we are all seeing what is happening with our welfare society, with essential public services increasingly indebted, worse managed and in acute welfare deterioration, ”he concluded.

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