"We need support, policies and a government that governs in Cantabria and in Spain," says the president

The president of the Popular Party of Cantabria, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, said today that the autonomous community has a government without a project and without a road map, which has become a total and voluntary accomplice of Pedro Sánchez.

Buruaga has talked about the situation of the autonomous community during his speech at the 24 Popular Interparliamentary Union of Alicante, together with representatives of several regions that share with Cantabria the common denominator that their citizens suffer the consequences of the policies of the left.

The president has explained that Cantabria has a peculiarity, a “Molotov cocktail”, because it is governed by two parties, the PSOE and the populist regionalism of Miguel Ángel Revilla, which maintain an agreement of mutual favors: I make you president to you, you make me you become president of me and, meanwhile, Cantabria and the Cantabrians who wait.

That is, according to Buruaga, the only reason the PRC supported the failed investiture of Pedro Sánchez "with his hand held high" and would have done it again.

“This is how Cantabria conducts itself, with a government based on a pact of interests, without a regional project, without a road map and with no other objective than to maintain and resist and that is how the Government of Cantabria has become a total accomplice and Pedro Sánchez volunteer, ”he said.

A president, Buruaga added, destabilizing Spain; which aims to build the country generating inequality and grievance between regions; that has caused the national and regional economy to plummet, and that it has paralyzed all the projects that the Popular Party launched in Cantabria, promoting an unprecedented investment cycle in the community.

The popular leader has warned that with the Socialists history repeats itself in Cantabria once and a thousand times, because they have returned to take the region from the map of communications in Spain, stopping the AVE, stopping the dryness of the commuter plan and putting in a drawer the projects to expand the capacity of the highways.

And while this is happening, he added, "the regionalists, like castanets, handed over to Pedro Sánchez, although Cantabria's sanchismo is sitting like a shot."

“They neither protest nor claim, just shut up. They shut up in Cantabria and applaud in Madrid when Sanchez leaves us out of flood relief, when he denies us the recognized right to capture water from the Ebro Swamp to guarantee the supply of water to Santander or when it blocks the deliveries on account that correspond to us and that he has now unlocked for pure electoral interest, ”he said.

According to the president, the level of delivery is such that they defend the indefensible, because Sanchez suspends in Catalonia and Revilla puts a remarkable high.

The popular leader recalled that the economy of Cantabria has slowed its growth since the motion of censure; It creates employment below the national average, and has the highest poverty rate in the communities of northern Spain.

And he has reproached socialists and regionalists that instead of trying to straighten the course, try to cover reality and apply the recipes on the left: shoot unproductive spending, the public deficit and debt; refusing to lower taxes to stimulate family consumption, business investment and talent, strangle public investment and productive policies, and cut back to putting the Welfare State in check.

According to Buruaga, the Government does not deal with the problems of the present and much less the challenges of the future and that is why Cantabria is not prepared to face the two great next challenges of the autonomous communities – the review of the autonomous financing system and the challenge demographic – because the PRC and the PSOE have not done their homework.

The president has said that Cantabria needs support, policies and a government that governs in Cantabria and in Spain and needs stability, moderation, common sense, efficient management of public resources and a competent administration that really takes care of people, which only Can guarantee the Popular Party.

He said that "the change in the Government of Spain is just around the corner, because the electoral overturn is possible and is at hand" and stressed that the PP of Cantabria will continue working tirelessly so that the November 10 Pablo Casado is the president of all Spaniards.

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