He assures that the PSOE de Sánchez and the coalition of socialists and regionalists in Cantabria are arms crossed and letting Torrelavega be left behind

The president of the PP, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, has warned today that the Government of Pedro Sánchez, with the complicity of its partners in Cantabria, has put in the drawer all the major projects for the Besaya region, have left Torrelavega and They are arms folded letting the city fall behind.

“This is what Torrelaveguenses owe to the socialist government of Sanchez, blockade and paralysis. That’s what Revilla and Sánchez’s coalition has also served in Torrelavega: to go back and bog down everything, ”said the president of the PP.

Buruaga has visited the city today to share with its members of the Popular Party the concern about the situation in the Besaya region and, especially, Torrelavega.

The president of the popular Cantabrians has expressed concern about the trade situation; for an industry that resists as it can, for employment in a city that has the highest unemployment rate in Cantabria, and, ultimately, for the paralysis and abandonment Torrelavega suffers.

"Because the Socialist Party of Sanchez and its regionalist partner in Cantabria – he added – are folded, have left Torrelavega and are letting it fall behind."

According to the popular leader, repeating the socialist-regionalist formula has not solved even one of the problems of Torrelavega, because it has only brought eternal promises, but not a single transformative project. ”

Buruaga has focused its balance of the Government of Pedro Sánchez on projects amounting to 70 million that bore the name of Torrelavega in the General State Budgets for the year 2018 prepared by the Popular Party; that they had to be a springboard for their transformation and modernization, and that today they sleep in a drawer.

Thus, he explained that the railway integration, a project for which after years of disagreements, breaches and frustration, there was finally political will, agreement and financing, has been blocked by the Government of Pedro Sánchez who secretly postponed it early years.

"That is the only thing they have done, hitting a kick forward," said Buruaga, who recalled that in the face of defaults, delays and deceptions of the Government of Spain, socialists and regionalists in Torrelavega and Cantabria continue to clap and, in addition, they do not demand the integral financing of the State that if they requested the Government of the Popular Party.

Secondly, the popular leader has referred to the railway projects and the conversion to high performance of the layout between Reinosa and Santander and recalled that all the projects are a year and a half later where the Popular Party left them.

According to Buruaga, everything that is underway, absolutely everything, was left by the Popular Party. And he recalled that the drafting of the technical projects of the Palencia-Alar del Rey high-speed line was left contracted by the Popular Party, as was the hydrogeological study of the stretch between Alar and Aguilar de Campoo, while the rest is stopped , in dead track, because the AVE section of Aguilar de Campoo to Reinosa is stopped and the duplication of the route between Torrelavega and Santander is stopped.

Buruaga has also lamented the situation of the project to expand the capacity of the A-67 and the third lane between Polanco and Santander, about which no one has said even since the approval of the final route almost a year ago, and the scandalous slowdown of the 2017-2022 Commuter Plan while trains are taken to Catalonia and a 51 million collision plan is denied to Asturias that refuses to Cantabria.

Buruaga has also cited the Sierrapando-Barreda continuity branch and the remodeling of links that the Popular Party was awarded and that, a year and a half later, has been executed only by 5%, and the Reindus program, which has also been abolished, while the Government of Cantabria swallows all kinds of excuses without questioning.

The popular leader has concluded that Torrelaveguenses have no reason to trust the Socialist Party because they only owe him blockade and paralysis. Nor has the "paper" and the vote of the regionalist deputy José María Mazón, as well as the coalition of socialists and regionalists in Cantabria, which has only served to go back and bog down everything.

According to the president of the PP, it is unpresentable that five years later they could not present the reality of the road with Viveda on the left bank of the Saja-Besaya; that after so many years of government the PSIR of Excavadas is absolutely paralyzed; and that there is not a single mining project of the AZSA mines on the table.

In addition, he has criticized the lack of support for Solvay, an industry that needs legal security and institutional support for its energy transition.

“What happened in Torrelavega has only one reading: the Socialist Party and the Regionalist Party have frustrated a historic opportunity. We have changed tangible, transformative and ongoing projects for ads that after years and more years are still ads. Those are the hands that are Torrelavega, ”said the popular leader.

The president has assured that the situation of Torrelavega is not a biblical curse or a fatal destiny, but that it can be fixed by working in the right direction and has argued that in the national, regional and local governments it has been shown that the PP is the force that believes in Torrelavega, that promotes the great projects that advance the city and the whole region.

During her visit to Torrelavega, Buruaga has been accompanied by the municipal spokeswoman for the party, Marta Fernández-Teijeiro and the head of the list to the Congress of Deputies, Diego Movellan.

Faced with the devastating panorama Torrelavega lives, Movellán has opted to look to the future with optimism, because on November 10, he said, citizens have the opportunity to return the joy to a city that has enormous potential that has not been exploited .

According to Movellan, the city needs a policy with capital letters, needs future opportunities and employment, which can only come from the hand of a president like Pablo Casado and the Popular Party, the best allies for Torrelavega.

The candidate has said that the program and the proposals of the Popular Party are the solution for the future of the city and has opted for a Government that relocates Torrelavega as number 1 in the industrial heart of the country.

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