With CEOE Aragón as the hostess, the presidents and CEOs of several business organizations in northern Spain have met in Zaragoza. The meeting has served to jointly analyze business and economic news, as well as joint actions or of each of the organizations that may be of interest to others for possible collaborations and to improve their services and representation of entrepreneurs in their respective territories .

The global economic slowdown and its effect on the productive fabric of each of the territories, as well as economic policies and the latest measures of the central government in the workplace have focused part of the meeting. In this sense, the participants have agreed on the importance of social dialogue being a previous step and taken into account in any decision in this area, especially with regard to labor reform, the Statute of Workers and salary issues and of social contributions.

On the other hand, organizations have shared actions around topics of interest for business development and employment as the impulse to Dual Training. The one related to this Training has also been one of his most recent reports that CEOE Aragón has presented to the attendees. In this regard, the participants have agreed on the importance of achieving greater momentum in the Dual Formation, whose figures are still too scarce, and give more regulation to their regulation in the different territories.

Reports on depopulation and absenteeism have also been submitted, the increase of which is another common concern.

CEOE Aragón has also explained his work in the field of Social Responsibility and sustainable development as a partner of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact and promoter, within the autonomous social dialogue, of the Aragón Social Responsibility Plan.

After the meeting, the business leaders have held a meeting with the President of the Courts of Aragon, Javier Sada, who has received them at the Palace of La Aljafería before conducting a guided visit to it.

Together with Ricardo Mur and Jorge Díez-Ticio, President and CEO of CEOE Aragón, and Ana López, General Secretary of CEOE Zaragoza, the presidents of the business organizations of La Rioja (FER), Jaime García-Calzada, participated in the meeting ; Navarra (CEN), José Antonio Sarría; Burgos (FAE), Miguel Ángel Benavente de Castro, and Soria (FOES), Santiago Aparicio; as well as the directors or general secretaries of CEOE CEPYME Cantabria, Isabel Cuesta, Álava (SEA), Juan Ugarte; FAE, Emiliana Molero; FER, Eduardo Fernández Santolaya; CEN, Carlos Fernández Valdivielso; and FOES, María Ángeles Fernández.

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