The massive entry of illegal immigrants to Spain through Canarian waters has skyrocketed on an almost daily interval. Just this weekend, 40 boats have reached the Canary Islands with more than two thousand immigrants. So far this year, 8,100 irregular have entered the Canary Islands, thus increasing by 690% over the previous year.

Jorge Buxadé, head of the VOX delegation in the European Parliament, has alerted in Brussels about a problem that not only affects Spain, but the rest of Europe. In his speech, he criticized the "embarrassment" that involves highlighting in the European Parliament the protection of the rights of illegal immigrants when Europe is "in a situation of absolute invasion by illegal immigration”.

In these organized landings, the so-called “false refugee” hides in which illegal economic immigrants cross European borders. The VOX MEP has demanded action by the European Union: “the EU has to turn off the tap and put a wall on its external borders demanding compliance with the law to guarantee security in our cities and to protect the economy of the Europeans ”.

After the sad news of the serious terrorist attacks in different European cities that took the lives of nine people, it has been known that these murders were at the hands of illegal immigrants who entered Europe through the Mediterranean borders. Buxadé has appealed to Europe: "our position has to be tough and demand compliance with the law." Along the same lines, he has warned that countries like Algeria or Turkey, which call for a boycott of European countries such as France, have to "submit to European law" and "not accept the blackmail of these countries or the mafias." "We must move towards agreements with third countries demanding systems such as voluntary returns," he argued.

Buxadé, wanted to emphasize in this commission that this is a community security problem. Thus, he has criticized the way of dealing with this issue in the European Parliament: "we must allow this debate in commissions and in the European plenary session to focus on what is really worrying Europeans, which is security in their cities."

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