The controversial cover of "We came out stronger" Paid for by the Sánchez Government and appeared in the main Spanish newspapers on May 25, it sneaked into the plenary session of the European Parliament this afternoon during a debate on freedom of information and attacks on journalists around the world.

It has been done by the head of the VOX delegation in Brussels, Jorge Buxadé, who has shown an image with the front pages of that day of several national newspapers to denounce the hypocrisy of the progressive consensus that "Raise one hand in favor of press freedom while with the other it delivers millions in grants to media that support governments".

The harmless gesture has received a wake-up call from the deputy who presided over the session at that time, the Polish Ewa Kopacz, from the European People's Group, who has warned Buxadé that it is forbidden to show "banners" in plenary. This is without taking into account that it was not a political banner, but a composition of newspaper covers, and that the warning contrasts with permissiveness on other occasions in which partisan symbols have been shown and even with flexibility to it is time to allowing certain inappropriate clothing to their lordships.

In his speech, Buxadé recalled that right now Spain, with more than 50,000 dead, has "a permanent and illegal state of alarm" and that the Spanish streets "are desolate." "The government was the one that violated the freedom of the press by paying millions and leaving the citizens who want free and truthful information defenseless ”.

He also recalled that "the truly free media do not receive subsidies, nor should those private verification agencies that are at the service of power receive them." In this regard, the VOX spokesperson has asked the deputies of the Plenary Assembly that if they want freedom of the press, "defend independent professionals" from that subsidized press and those verification agencies and has denounced the creation by the Spanish government of the called "Ministry of Truth." "How is freedom of the press guaranteed when the government itself says what is true and what is a lie?", He concluded.

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