The president of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), Carmen Planas, has pointed out after the speech that began on Wednesday the investiture debate of Francina Armengol as president of the Govern, that "the great objective of the new Govern should be managing well and not focusing on limiting and prohibiting. "

Carmen Planas has referred to the demonstrations to limit the tourism of excesses or cruises, arguing that "we must not forget that tourism is the engine of the economy of the Islands", stressing, "the great investment effort that the sector Private has been doing in Balears in recent years in a clear and decisive commitment to quality tourism, which must be accompanied and supplemented from the Government and from different public administrations, advancing in ways of joint work.

"Nobody wants excesses of any kind, but neither legislative nor regulatory excesses, more at a time like the current one in which the Balearic economy has been decelerating for several quarters and the decline in the rate of job creation has already begun to be felt," he recalled. the president of CAEB.

"Balears has important challenges ahead of us, together, from the public sector and the private sector, in a dialogue and consensus," said Planas who has argued that "public-private collaboration is the way that Balears must go to return to place our community among the most prosperous regions of Europe. "

To this end, the president of CAEB added, "it is essential that the new administrations focus their efforts on working in a coordinated manner and on managing with criteria of efficiency and effectiveness, to facilitate the economy to work and prosper our society."

Planas has reiterated "the will of CAEB to collaborate with the new Government from the institutional loyalty and with the great objective of improving the welfare of the citizens of the islands."

"The Balearic businessmen reach out to the new Government to achieve consensus that contributes to the modernization and productive transformation of the economy of the islands, however, so that entrepreneurs can fulfill our job of generating prosperity and employment is necessary to bet for stability, moderation and legal security, as well as for a favorable environment for business activity ", concluded Planas.

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