Carmen Planas pointed out that "Balears has challenges ahead that we must face together", highlighting "the will of CAEB to collaborate with the new Government from the institutional loyalty and with the great objective of improving the welfare of the citizens of the islands."

Regarding the composition of the Govern, Planas recalled that "the responsibility of forming the Govern corresponds to its president, Francina Armengol, and we trust in her good judgment".

The president of CAEB has defended "the public-private collaboration as a way to go to put back Balears among the most prosperous regions of Europe" and has wished "that the new administrations facilitate the economy to work for our society to prosper".

For this, Planas recalled "to the political representatives in the different administrations, the need to place, in a clear and evident way, the companies and, in a very special way, the SMEs in the central axis of the economic policies".

Finally, Planas pointed out that "in order for entrepreneurs to be able to fulfill our job of generating prosperity and employment, it is necessary to bet on stability, moderation and legal certainty, as well as a favorable environment for business activity".

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