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The chairman of CaixaBank, Jordi Gual, and the president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, have signed a new collaboration agreement to make a line available to companies affiliated with the CEOE and its business organizations financing of 20,000 million euros during the period 2019-2020. The objective is to provide an effective response to the needs of companies and help boost internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship.

This agreement supposes the renewal of a collaboration between both entities that began in 2016. Since then, CaixaBank has made a total of 66,000 million euros available to the affiliated companies of CEOE to promote actions aimed at improvement and growth. Exceeding in all renewals the amount made available in the agreement.

CaixaBank, reference entity for companies in Spain, last year granted 59.737 million euros in credits of new production to its entire portfolio of micro, SMEs and large companies, representing an increase of 69% over the previous year.

Of these, 61% were made as short-term investments through commercial credit and credit accounts; 35% as a long-term investment thanks to loans and guarantees; and 3% as medium-term investment through leasing and renting.

In total, within the framework of the agreement with CEOE, Last year, CaixaBank carried out more than 178,000 company financing operations.

Promoting modernization and business internationalization

During the signing of the agreement, Jordi Gual has underlined the role of the financial institution in recent years in relation to boost segment of business banking. "To improve the competitiveness of the Spanish economy and access new national and international markets, it is essential that companies can obtain adequate financing. CaixaBank assumes the commitment to meet this need and does so by offering the highest standards of service quality ", said the chairman of CaixaBank.

Gual has also highlighted that "CaixaBank has a privileged position to offer a specialized service very close to customers thanks to the 125 business centers distributed throughout the autonomous communities and the team of 1,183 managers and specialists in the sector".

For his part, Antonio Garamendi thanked CaixaBank for the renewal of an agreement that "helps small and medium Spanish entrepreneurs to access financing, one of the biggest barriers that SMEs face every day". In addition, the president of CEOE has stressed that this agreement seeks to support the investment needs of companies, promote internationalization, facilitate financing and develop innovative projects "essential for the new digital era in which we live."

Antonio Garamendi has also highlighted the importance of this agreement at the regional level, since since 2016, several signatures in various Autonomous Communities between CaixaBank and business organizations have ratified the agreement and supported financing needs at all levels. territorial.

Solid experience and rapid response to requests

The agreement establishes that CaixaBank will expeditiously manage the financing requests of companies and It will offer preferential conditions, depending on the characteristics of each operation.

The success of this rapid response is centered on the great territorial capillarity of CaixaBank and its extensive commercial network, the largest in the Spanish banking sector. The financial institution, with a solid reputation in advising companies, offers specialized attention to companies with specific centers and a specialized team present in all the autonomous communities.

In addition, CaixaBank is one of the leading advisory entities for foreign trade to Spanish companies, which it supports in 127 countries through operational branches, representative offices, correspondent banks and bank participations.

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