Call for ephemeral architecture for the vestibule of the Valle-Inclán Theater

The CDN will select, together with representatives of COAM and AAPEE, an ephemeral architecture project for the lobby of one of its venues, the Valle-Inclán Theater

The new management team of the National Dramatic Center (CDN) seeks to reorder and resignify the spaces available to this institution, with the aim of making the theater a meeting place open to citizens, integrating the challenges that the new normality poses for us. For this reason, the CDN, in collaboration with the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) and the Association of Performing Plastic Artists of Spain (AAPEE), opens a call for ephemeral architecture for the vestibule of the Valle-Inclán Theater, located in the Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n (Plaza de Lavapiés) in Madrid.
The objective is to generate a multifunctional space for the spectators that can host activities of different kinds such as meetings with the public, press conferences, exhibition and consultation of books, etc. It must cover an approximate surface of 160 square meters and accommodate a minimum capacity of 30 and a maximum of 100 people simultaneously, always subject to the regulations established by the health authorities.
For the realization of the work, materials donated by the exhibiting companies in the Materials Gallery of the Official College of Architects of Madrid (MATCOAM) –a total of 37 different materials from 20 manufacturers– can be used to explore new utilities and exploit them to the maximum His properties.
The call is addressed to profiles that carry out their activity within the field of architecture, design, scenography or other titled technical professions. There will be a maximum of € 15,000 (VAT included) subject to applicable tax legislation, for other materials or additional needs, as well as € 6,000 (VAT included) for fees distributed as follows: € 1,000 for each one of the three finalist proposals, plus an additional € 3,000 for the winning project.
Innovation and sustainability, a vanguard spirit and environmental responsibility are articulating principles of the CDN activity, shared closely with COAM. These values ​​should be visualized in the proposals presented, as well as in the choice of materials to be used and the development processes of the projects.
The selection body will be made up of representatives of the National Institute of Performing Arts (INAEM), CDN, COAM, AAPEE and the architects of the Valle-Inclán Theater. All of them will choose three finalists who will have to elaborate a more detailed project of the installation. Finally, the winning proposal will be one that, in addition to complying with quality standards, solves the construction process in a simple, economic, safe and fast way.
People who want to participate should send their proposal to email The registration period will remain open from June 25 to July 19, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.
Detailed information on each of the selected materials and the list of supplier manufacturers are found in Annex I to the participation rules.
With this call, the CDN and COAM initiate a collaboration that aspires to have continuity over time by organizing joint activities.

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