Call of Castile to face the Peña Deportiva

NEWS | 01/25/2020

Raúl has summoned 18 players for the meeting of the 22nd day held at the Alfredo Di Stéfano (Sunday, 12:00 h; Realmadrid TV).

Raul has summoned 18 players for the match that will play the Castile in front of the Peña Deportiva at Alfredo Di Stéfano, corresponding to the 22nd day of the League (Sunday, 12:00 h; Realmadrid TV).

Goalkeepers: Belman and Toni Fuidias.
Defenses: Sergio López, Fran García, De la Fuente, Guillem, Gila and Pablo Ramón.
Midfielders: Martín, Ayoub, César, Fidalgo, Blanco, Marvin, Baeza and Jordi.
Forwards: Pedro and Pablo.

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