The Vice President of the Government, Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality in office, Carmen Calvo, highlights that the new website of the Official State Gazette (BOE) "makes a qualitative and quantitative leap that involves a leap in information to knowledge. "

The Vice President of the Government, Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality in office, Carmen Calvo, attended the presentation of the new website of the State Agency BOE at the headquarters of this body and thanked the workers , on behalf of the Government, "the immense effort and work that you have been able to do in a short time to achieve decisive progress. You are being a great example for many countries," he said.

The vice president has stressed that "it is crucial for our lives" to have an instrument such as the BOE website. "Not only access to information, but with all the gateways that are added we have a kind of browser that allows us to know and locate ourselves with our own needs as citizens of law," he explained.

Calvo remarked that it is a great day for the legal world and also for this country. "It can be done more easily what the old Civil Code indicates that ignorance of the law does not exempt compliance, but you can better comply with the laws when you can access with certainty and security to what affects you," has assured.

The vice president also stressed that the implementation of this new platform is "good news that affects the rule of law, with an added record, equality." The easy access of anyone with disabilities is one of the key pieces of our democratic quality ".

The vice president has concluded his speech by assuring that the State Agency BOE "is a prestigious instrument with an infinite technological and professional potential, it is necessary to extend it to other institutions", he has riveted.

Moncloa Pool / Eva ErcolaneseThe new website of the State Agency BOE has a simpler structure that facilitates navigation and access to legal information.

In addition to the official journals BOE, BORME, DOUE (Official Journal of the European Union), Official Bulletins of the Autonomous Communities and Cities and the provinces, the new website offers legal information with all current and consolidated legislation at the state, regional level and European, in its latest version of the standard and in the different temporal versions. The aspects related to its application are also provided, with the most relevant jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, as interpretative criterion of the article.

The page also has a Digital Legal Library that, among other things, includes books, electronic codes, yearbooks or legal journals, which can be downloaded for free in PDF and ePub formats.

In the "My BOE" section, a free e-mail alerts service is offered for notification notices, contracting, legislation, electronic codes or thematic alerts.

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