Calvo has added that "it is important not to weaken in the unity, coordination and absolute convergence of society, public administrations, the powers of the State and especially the Democrats."

The vice president made these statements during her speech at the awards ceremony against gender violence, in which she wanted to show her gratitude to the winners on behalf of the Government.

"You are an example to follow to stop the terror of sexist violence," said the vice president to the winners whom she has praised "for her work to improve democracy, dignity and women's rights."

"We all have to follow your example to achieve a society that every day has to be more sensitive and more responsible with itself to eradicate this scourge," he added.

Pool Moncloa / Borja Puig de la BellacasaCalvo has described as "unfortunate and sadly very important for the Government and for the country" this act of delivering awards to people and organizations committed to the eradication of violence against women, which each year delivers the ministry responsible for policies of equality.

In this sense, the vice president has said that "there is still a lot to do" but she wanted to put in value "what has already been done", such as the Law on comprehensive protection measures against gender-based violence.

"15 years ago this country was endowed with a Law to tackle with courage and commitment the murder and cornering of an important part of women, an instrument that has paid off and that requires improvement and reflection to move forward," he said. .

"There is much to do but we are a committed and courageous society and we will achieve it together," he concluded.

The Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality has awarded the actress Concha Velasco this year for her professional career committed to equality; to Doctors of the World for their work against Female Genital Mutilation through their pioneering project in Navarra; to the Casa Malva de Gijón for its pioneering project of comprehensive care for victims and their sons and daughters; to the play "Jauría" for the denunciation of the violations in group through its scenic assembly; Skolae Navarra for her equality education project; Amelia Tiganus, a survivor of trafficking from Romania; to the interactive RTVE project "A thousand murdered women", and to the information coverage of the Society section of the EFE Agency.

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