In his participation in the closing ceremony of the III Day Orphans of Gender Violence: towards international protection organized by the Soledad Cazorla Fellowship Fund and the Women's Foundation, Calvo stressed that "we have made significant progress in just nine months of socialist government and we will continue to improve in international protection, in coordination European Union on prevention, protection and care, especially when children have to visit their convicted or imprisoned parents. "

Also, the vice president stressed that in the last legislature "the Government had among its priorities the implementation and implementation of the State Pact against Gender Violence" and achieved "essential objectives" as "with the permission of only one of the parents , boys and girls can be cared for psychologically ". Calvo has also referred to the reinforcement of protection measures in the procedural accompaniment and legal defense of minors and mothers, and the recognition of the consideration of a woman's victim for the purposes of social and labor security, without need to file the complaint. Also, he explained, the grades for access to scholarships for boys and girls in situations of violence have been lowered.

"We have become aware – he added – of what the improvement of orphanage pensions meant, but also of a new benefit that, in terms of Social Security, constitutes the creation of a new pension for those cases in which mothers victims of gender violence would not have quoted. " Calvo has asserted that "they are paths that initiate the commitment acquired in the State Pact where for the first time, clearly, betting on the protection of minors."

"We must continue to advance in the protection not only of women victims of gender violence, but also to focus more and more on the protection of minors," the acting vice president reiterated. Since there are data, 28 children have been killed by gender violence and there are 243 children orphaned, "a completely tragic and unacceptable reality for any society in the world."

Finally, the vice president thanked the work done by the Scholarship Fund and reminded Soledad Cazorla, "the first court prosecutor who faced with great courage and sensitivity to change many of the records that in social but also legal we had barely 15 years ago. "

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