The Vice President of the Government, Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality in office, Carmen Calvo, has participated in the inauguration of a summer course of the Complutense University of Madrid on the gender gap in work.

Calvo has pointed out that the gender gap, and in particular the labor gap, "is a big issue of the democratic model and the development of the constitutional model, because the rest of the mandates are established on the superior value of equality".

Moncloa Pool / Fernando CalvoAt the opening of the summer course of the Complutense University "What hides the gender gap in work? Proposals for equity", organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the acting vice president has defined the law promoted by the Government in the last legislature as "the first attempt in our country to consider globally what is the frankly unequal and unjust situation of men and women in the labor and occupational environment". In view of the statistics, Calvo has opted for a normative response that addresses reproduction and particularly maternity as a capital political issue.

"Motherhood is the big problem in the work itinerary and the autonomy of women and maternity end up being penalized in pensions" said Calvo, who has assured that in the face of sexist approaches that want to place motherhood in the field private, "it is essential to assume that the rights of women in the exercise of citizenship have to do with the State's agenda."

Finally, the acting vice president congratulated the ILO "for the new agreement that Spain is about to ratify and that puts the focus back on a particularly sensitive space for women in access and permanence in the workplace, which it's violence and harassment. "

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