Calvo stressed during his speech that the law "changed social and political paradigms and concepts to deal with violence against women, a violence that has no borders, occurs anywhere in the world, in different cultures and in different political forms of state, because it is structural and specific. "

The vice president has stressed that "we must continue to cultivate the unanimity of the law" reflected in the subsequent State Pact against Gender Violence (PEVG). "We cannot yield a single millimeter of the progress that this law has meant, because some deny sexist violence and thus give wings to sexism and discrimination."

Carmen Calvo recalled that "it has been the most questioned law because it transformed completely arbitrary principles against equality between men and women, which were not questioned: 15 years ago our country made a sincere and courageous decision, which turned out to be exemplary for others states of the world: we radically changed the paradigm because our society faced not only inequality but also its worst face, that of violence in different degrees and levels against women until reaching the most terrible, the murders. "

The vice president congratulated herself because "we were a brave society against violence that is not exercised in the private sphere, because the guarantee of the fundamental rights of women has always transited in the spaces that machismo and patriarchy have wanted to demarcate from the public light. From feminism we always said that there were spaces where democracy had to enter to guarantee physical, moral integrity and the possibility of developing women's rights and freedoms. It was a great intellectual and legal struggle. "

Finally, Calvo has indicated that "the PEVG meant that we are not willing to make political partisanship or watertight compartments against a fight that must be unanimous and firm, against those who want to weaken that consensus that this Law has been drawing for 15 years. No they only attack more than half of the population, the absolute majority that we are women, but they directly attack the heart of democracy, which is nothing more than equality between men and women. "

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