Calvo: "We will be prudent in courage and firm in the defense of democracy and in its constant improvement"

During the act of inauguration as First Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, said that "we will be prudent in courage and firm in the defense of democracy and in its constant improvement: Spain must defend its unity not only territorially, but also in living together, which is the most important thing to be able to continue advancing and improving our democratic system. "

The vice president has thanked "the popular sovereignty of this country, which has once again led to another democratic government for our country. Also for the responsibility that the president gives me again, because it means another opportunity to serve my country and do it from the ideas that have been contrasted at the polls. "

During his speech, Carmen Calvo insisted that "coexistence must be supported by solidarity and has many enemies, but it is the touchstone to know that we are not a simple group of 47 million people, but that we are a true society that weaves their values ​​to live in the same place where the Constitution built them: on the freedoms of all and political pluralism. "

Calvo has also assured that "we feel surrounded by an immense part of the citizenship, which knows that the future is only won with freedom, equality, respect, dialogue and agreements".

"We will defend the prestige and good name of our country, with an economy with a balance between its growth and the fair redistribution of wealth, in what represent the rights of workers," Carmen Calvo continued during his speech.

Finally, the vice president has stated that "we expect a loyal opposition, capable of assuming their responsibilities, because they represent those who have voted to assume agreements."

Transfer of portfolios

Pool Moncloa / J.M. SquareVice President Carmen Calvo has also intervened in the inauguration of the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, where she recalled that "social policies build solidarity: solidarity and fair responses and responses are needed, and works for respect for all our freedoms, to preserve ideological diversity and political pluralism. "

Finally, the vice president has given the new Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, the ministry's portfolio, remembering that "in feminism that we have built with a lot of effort, over so many decades, generational relays are also important. years of the feminist movement in our country has long culminated in the institutional power to make equality policies between men and women. "

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