La senadora, Ana Camíns

He stresses that Illa "is the maximum responsible for shedding light on the confusion created about the numbers of victims, they just don't add up"

The senator of the Popular Parliamentary Group for Madrid, Ana Camins, has addressed the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, to ask how many are those who died of coronavirus without having been tested for Covid-19. The senator has revealed that from the Government "they seem incapable of homogenizing the data of those who died from the coronavirus with those of the Autonomous Communities",

The question he has asked responds to "a general concern about the need to know as accurately as possible the effect that this virus is having on Spanish society."

Ana Camins has addressed Minister Illa to make it clear that "you are the most responsible for shedding light on the confusion created over the death toll, they just don't add up."

In his opinion "it is essential to know the count of deceased, by health, transparency and humanitarian criteria," he stressed. For the popular senator, if the Ministry fails to decipher the number of victims, "it will be difficult for us to de-escalate the situation to prepare for future outbreaks."

In this sense, the popular representative has also appealed to transparency “of obligatory compliance”. "Without transparency the relationship of trust between citizens and their rulers is broken, because more transparency is telling the truth, however painful it may be." And he has asked Minister Illa to stop confusing transparency with press conferences because "it leads to satiety with the citizens."


Before concluding, Ana Camins has appealed to everyone's conscience and has sued the Government for the official mourning decree in Spain. "This pandemic is an immense humanitarian tragedy that is driving our compatriots ahead," he lamented.

“We owe it, above all, to the memory of the victims, but we also owe it to the families so that we accompany them in the mourning. They are already taking time to decree the official mourning in Spain ”, he concluded.

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