Campo underlines the contribution of registrars to the consolidation of the rule of law

The rule includes a set of urgent actions in the procedural, bankruptcy, organizational and technological spheres, aimed at resuming judicial activity based on security and flexibility criteria and for a time limited to the validity of the state of alarm and the following three months.

Among the organizational measures, the minister explained that the draft of the Royal Decree-Law contemplates that officials can voluntarily take turns in the morning and afternoon, which will result in an increase in activity and in safeguarding interpersonal distance. which must continue to be maintained. In addition, it is proposed to authorize the mobility of personnel between judicial bodies of the same jurisdiction and locality. They are measures designed to progressively increase the response capacity of the Justice Administration and thus contribute to overcoming the crisis.

The technological measures will facilitate teleworking, remote attention to the public and the carrying out of procedural acts in a telematic way, in the line of technological impulse that the ministry follows. In addition, the procedural deadlines will be extended in an extraordinary way to facilitate the progressive restoration of judicial activity.

The urgent and extraordinary measures envisaged have obtained a broad consensus in the Coordination Commission and include proposals from the General Council of the Judiciary, the State Attorney General, the autonomous communities and professional associations. As highlighted by the minister, the royal decree-law will constitute the first piece of the agreement for reconstruction in the Justice sector.

The comprehensive Justice plan to combat the effects of the crisis, within the project # Justicia2030, also includes a law to promote and streamline the process that will contain medium and long-term measures to advance towards better management in the judicial organs and in their transformation digital. The ministry is already receiving proposals from the competent administrations to improve the text, in order to have a first regulatory framework throughout the month of May.

The third instrument of the roadmap is the consensual implementation of crash plans in the social, contentious-administrative and commercial jurisdictions, the areas in which a greater influx of matters is expected after the stoppage of economic activity. As stated in provision 19 of the Royal Decree-Law by which urgent complementary measures are adopted in the social and economic field to deal with Covid-19, the Government will activate these plans within 15 days after the end of the measures of lockdown.

Along with these tools, Justice is committed to having a job security scheme, supported by sufficient resources, in which all administrations are aligned. It is a matter of overcoming the current fragmentation of jurisdiction and moving towards a common joint framework validated by the health authorities to guarantee the safety of court personnel with the de-escalation of containment measures. At the same time, an efficient and safe use of physical spaces will be pursued and an effort will be made to expand the telematic capacity of professionals.

Starting next week, a new consignment of personal protective equipment will arrive at the judicial headquarters, in addition to what the ministry has already distributed since the start of the crisis. In addition, Justice works to respond to future needs that, in terms of health protection, will bring about the gradual resumption of judicial activity, while ensuring its efficient use.

The minister has also referred to the good reception that the reactivation of LexNET has had in the sector as a whole and the resumption of notifications to the parties of the processes in progress during the state of alarm, which is allowing the return to the normality in these actions.

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