Campo extols the "key social function" of family lawyers because of their proximity to citizenship

Campo explained to them that # Justicia2030 is a project that transcends the legislature because it tries to redefine the current model of the judicial system, and in that sense, he has asked them for collaboration and contribution of ideas to continue improving the social aspect of the plan.

Both have thanked Minister Campo's invitation to actively participate in # Justicia2030 through the contributions of a group "as exposed to the violation of their rights and in need of effective protection as the social movement of disability and their families," said the president. of the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), Luis Cayo. They will work, he said, because the Justice modernization program is "more inclusive, open and welcoming" with the needs of the community.

At the same meeting, the civil and procedural reform on disability issues was discussed, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers on July 7, on which Campo highlighted that it involves "a paradigm shift because the will prevails in the interest of the person with disabilities "and has transferred the commitment and interest of the Government so that the text is processed quickly and under the greatest political consensus of the parliamentary arch.

This reform, whose processing already reaches the second round in the Council of Ministers and has all the mandatory reports, leaves behind incapacitation, understood as a civil status, and introduces important changes in the regulation of institutions for the care and protection of people with disabilities. . "Legislation has been legislated around the idea of ​​supporting the exercise of legal capacity," the minister has defended, "based on respect for personal decisions and non-discrimination on the grounds of disability."

The representative of the Spanish National Organization for the Blind (ONCE) He has referred to this text as "the largest reform of the Civil Code in History, while from CERMI Cayo has been convinced that" disability will be an element of political cohesion. "

Cayo underlined that he has found in the presentation of his demands "alignment of interests" with the Minister of Justice and trusts that soon there will be advances regarding the substantive regulation regarding persons with disabilities.

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