The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, has met with the main unions of the Administration of Justice. The minister has valued and recognized the efforts of the officials during the COVID-19 crisis and has asked them for an additional commitment for the remainder of the state of alarm and for the following three months. "The situation is serious, this country needs you," the minister has told them.

The Ministry of Justice is designing, in collaboration with the autonomous communities, the General Council of the Judiciary, the State Attorney General's Office, the Advocacy, the Attorney General and the social graduates, a consensual roadmap that includes urgent and extraordinary calendar measures, mobility and working day.

Campo has ensured that the health of all officials and operators who carry out their work in the courts and tribunals is the main priority of the ministry and the competent autonomous communities. For this reason, it has shown its commitment to continue equipping all workers with the necessary personal protection measures in order to minimize possible contagions that may occur.

With that same spirit, the minister has referred to the distance that, to avoid the spread of the virus, he must maintain the staff on his future return to work. That is why he has proposed that the current working day be divided into morning and afternoon shifts. The assignment to the different shifts would be done on a voluntary and negotiated basis.

The minister has also raised the possible difficulties to fill all the positions due to the necessary distance, the incidence of the disease or the belonging of the workers to the different risk groups. For this reason, it has proposed authorizing the mobility of officials between judicial bodies of the same jurisdictional order and always in the same locality in which they are assigned, a measure also subject to negotiation.

Lastly, he referred to the need to enable a few weeks in August to carry out the foreseeable increase in issues that will occur after the alarm state is lifted. The Government has promised to approve crash plans in the Social and Contentious-Administrative jurisdictions, as well as in the Commercial courts.

Along with the minister, the Secretary of State for Justice, Pablo Zapatero, and the Secretary General for Innovation and Quality of the Public Service of Justice, Borja Vargues, who, in addition to these crash plans, have explained the meeting, have attended the meeting. other instruments that will configure the roadmap for the solution of the crisis, agreed with all the administrations competent in Justice (General Council of the Judiciary, State Attorney General, autonomous communities with powers of Justice and General Council of Spanish Lawyers) and They have invited them to send their proposals.

On behalf of the unions, Luis Calero (Comisiones Obreras), Javier Jordán (CSI-CSIF), Victoria Carrero (UGT), José Luis Fernández (STAJ), Imanol Oyarzabal (ELA) and Jesús Sánchez (CIG) participated in the meeting.

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