Campo explains to the Plenary Session of the CGPJ the general lines of Justice 2030

It is the second time that a minister addresses the Council to involve its members in the general lines that its department intends to start up (the previous one was Francisco Caamaño). It has been Campo himself who has requested the meeting of the president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, with the intention of presenting to the members his proposal, a program open to the contributions of all operators, groups, administrations and bodies related to the department that directs

The Ministry of Justice wants Justice 2030, presented by the minister in his appearance before the Justice Commission of the Congress of Deputies on February 17, be the element that orders your activity during this term. This instrument was born with the vocation of opening a process of great changes that must be extended during the next ten years.

The roadmap of the new ministerial team will be oriented to areas as essential for the public service of Justice as digital transformation or compliance with the Charter of Citizens' Rights to Justice, unanimously approved by the Congress of Deputies on April 16, 2002.

During his appearance of general lines in Congress, Juan Carlos Campo undertook to bring Justice 2030 to the Council of Ministers within three months. All the concrete projects that it includes will be the result of the round of contacts that the minister and his team are carrying out with all the organs, groups and administrations related to the ministry.

In addition to the Congress of Deputies, the program has been presented to the General Council of the Advocacy, the associations of judges and prosecutors, those of the Lawyers of the Administration of Justice, the General Council of Notaries, the College of Registrars and the General Council of Attorneys of Spain. In parallel, the minister is meeting with the counselors of Justice of all the autonomous communities with the same objective.

In his meeting today with the members, Campo has also referred to the interim situation in which the governing body of the judges has been for more than a year. The minister has affirmed that his search for consensus with all groups and organizations also extends to political parties, with the aim that, in the near future, an agreement will be reached to avoid "wear and tear" of the CGPJ itself, the Constitutional Court and other bodies to renew.

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