Campo resumes, with a meeting at the Royal Spanish Academy, the work of the Commission for the modernization of the legal language

Campo already announced in early March his commitment to resume the work of the Commission for the Modernization of the Legal Language. An organ that he promoted in his stage as Secretary of State in 2011 and whose conclusions barely developed after the change of government.

With this meeting, the minister takes up that objective of his department in order to achieve a legal language that is understandable, "that allows a fluid dialogue between citizens and the Administration of Justice."

The idea shared with the director of the RAE is to promote collaboration and establish joint teams that allow texts and templates to be standardized for the Justice sector.

The recommendations addressed to both institutions and professionals in the sector and to the media that, in its day, were made by the Commission's experts are today the starting point for the field work that the Ministry intends to carry out from now on.

The future of the modernization of legal language, as the Minister of Justice understands, goes through setting clear guidelines, fundamentally in the legislative field when preparing standards, but also in vectors such as university training or practice schools, among others.

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