Campo underlines the contribution of registrars to the consolidation of the rule of law

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, underlined, during the ceremony of the Medals and Badges of Honor of the Association of Registrars of Spain, the contribution of these professionals to the achievement of a higher quality public service in their role as guarantors of legal security, "a fundamental pillar for the construction of a solid rule of law."

The minister has also referred to the conciliation function exercised by the collective and that promotes an alternative means of conflict resolution for a more agile and efficient Justice. In addition, he has highlighted his effort to bring technological transformation to his professional practice, which has made him a "benchmark of innovation" in the sector.

Among other actions carried out in this same field, Campo has highlighted the coordination of registry systems, in particular in the commercial sphere, and the implementation of the Registry of Real Ownerships in the framework of the fight against transnational crime, "a tool essential "to address money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as tax fraud, drug trafficking and smuggling.

Juan Carlos Campo has also stressed the commitment to the equality of the body of registrars, where the female presence is increasingly important, with 60% of women in the last promotion.

In the presence of the Minister of Justice and his dean, Mª Emilia Adán, among other authorities, the College of Registrars of Spain has today handed over their Plaques of Honor to the General Council of Spanish Law, the General Council of Procurators of Spain, the Council General of Colleges of Administrative Managers and the Civil Guard. In addition, he has awarded 12 Medals of Honor to law professors and registrars who have stood out in their professional careers. The award ceremony has concluded with a tribute to retired professionals in 2019.

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