Madrid, December 3, 2020. – In Spain there is a law that considers people with disabilities "second, less valuable, worse than others" and it is Law 2/2010 on the termination of pregnancy. But the Madrid Assembly has chosen not to end such discrimination by voting Ciudadanos against the VOX initiative to end it.

The entire regional Chamber has rejected the VOX NLP to suppress the distinction that the Abortion Law makes regarding the term of interruption of pregnancy in case of disability. "Can you imagine a law that would allow white children to abort until week 14, but if they are black, until week 22 or even until the end of pregnancy?", Denounced Gádor Joya. "That happens with disability", recalled the GPVOX Health spokesperson at the Madrid Assembly.

In Spain, there is the paradox that the more progress is made in the inclusion of people with disabilities, the current legislation continues to discriminate against them with the extension of the term so that they can be eliminated before they are born. For this reason, VOX has launched an initiative in the Madrid Assembly to demand the right to live of people with disabilities.

It is an NLP that collects the observations of the International Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other personalities -such as the president of Down Madrid, among others- and that requests to delete the distinction made in the Abortion Law 2/2010 in regarding the period within which the termination of pregnancy is allowed exclusively for reasons of disability.

“This law extends the term to abort if the child to be born has a disability. He considers them second-rate people, less valuable, worse than others, ”lamented the VOX deputy. “We have prenatal selection techniques that hunt for disability, hunt for the weak, hunt for the sick, so when they detect them, they can end their lives. Is this progressive? ”He wondered.

This initiative would push the Community of Madrid to implement in all hospitals protocols – until now nonexistent – of care for families who are going to have a child with a disability. The objective is that they can have all the information on what the disability in question may entail, as well as the medical and social advances available to care for it, so that they know that they have the support of the whole of society.

However, precisely on the International Day of Disability, all groups – except for the PP – have once again demonstrated their hypocrisy in this regard. “Our mouths fill with the word disability, we lack hands to applaud them when they win Goyas, we lack time to pose with them and make calendars, we lack characters on Twitter to post sentences on days like today. But you support a law that says you don't deserve to live, "concluded Gádor Joya.

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