Francisco Cañizares durante su intervención.

He denounces that the attacks suffered by judges or the Council of the Judiciary are due to "a strategy of confrontation and radicalism of the Government."

The senator of the Popular Parliamentary Group for Ciudad Real, Francisco Cañizares, stated today in the Senate Plenary, that “Sánchez and his partners are handing over the dignity of the Government of Spain and the democratic institutions of our country, in exchange for remaining in the power".

The Minister of Justice is one of those politicians who, unfortunately, is not there to fix problems, he is there to create them and "to try to cover up the problems of a disastrous and ineffective management," Cañizares has denounced.

The popular senator referred to this in his speech in the plenary session of the Chamber, where he asked the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, "if he considers that an accused political party can be part of the Government."

Cañizares has assured that the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias is being involved "in a constant controversy and confrontation" with the Judiciary, in what supposes a "disastrous confrontation" with one of the pillars of the State, which undermines the separation of powers .

The attacks suffered by judges or the Council of the Judiciary itself are due to a "strategy of confrontation and radicalism", which does not leave out even the Head of State, the PP senator for Ciudad Real has added.

Thus, Francisco Cañizares has denounced that from Moncloa "attacks on the judges are perpetrated and allowed to cover up the problems of United We Can in the Courts."

The independence of the Judiciary is the best guarantee for the defense of fundamental rights and public freedoms of all, and, unfortunately, what this "radicalized government" seeks is the defense of their particular interests, he remarked.

In his speech before the Plenary of the Chamber, Francisco Cañizares has shown that “the imputation of Podemos is not only due to the statement of a former member who was reprimanded, nor to the information that comes from Venezuela, nor to Villarejo, nor to Dina's cell phone; but rather to the work of the Court of Accounts which, through its Prosecutor's Office, has carried out its indictment for an electoral crime and illegal financing ”.

In this sense, the PP senator has stated that "the permanence of Podemos in the Government is bad for Spain, and its institutions." "The crimes for which the political formation that makes up the Government of Spain has been imputed – it has continued – stains all its political action and is conditioning radical positions of defense of a party and its leaders in front of the Judicial Power."

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