The deputy of the GP VOX, Inés Cañizares, has intervened in the debate of the PP motion with which they wanted the Government to value the economic forecasts and wanted to remind the formation of Pablo Casado that they have been the ones who have supported, even in three times, the government's social communist recipes. "They do not dare to say 'no' to the Government. They are afraid that they will be branded as a true opposition and with this they have become accomplices of their disastrous management ”, has sentenced.

To make them see reality, Inés Cañizares wanted to show several examples of what happens behind the back of politicians who are more concerned with "keeping the seat" than with serving the Spanish. “Do you know what is the first thing a young farmer has to do when he wants to start his activity? Paying taxes. Do you think that this is how we are going to end the underground economy? On the other hand, if we talk about doctors, nurses, scientific professors … and other professionals. We invest million euros to train them in our universities and all so that they end up going to other countries because there they are valued, paid decent salaries and provided job security. Here we deny all that to them ”, has related.

For all these reasons, the GP VOX has insisted that a “clear roadmap” is absolutely necessary. For this reason, the training has presented an amendment with up to 18 measures among which is to provide flexi-security in our labor market, healthy public accounts and preparing new budgets, that meet the needs of citizens. "Say goodbye to cut and paste", has settled.

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