Next saturday day May 23, at 12:00 noon, Vox summons all Spaniards in Alicante to participate in the Caravan for Freedom, against him Abused Status that Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias are using to gag the Spaniards.

It is time to make a whistle against the government of unemployment and misery that has abandoned the self-employed and workers.

The people of Alicante want to stand up to defend their freedom and their future.

The published call is authorized and raised complying scrupulously all health safety measures.

You must go by car, with the windows preferably closed, with a mask, guaranteeing social distancing and current occupation measures.

Following the indications of the Government Subdelegation, the caravan will have a maximum length of 50 vehicles, leaving a free lane for possible emergencies, they can only participate tourism and closed vehicles, without the participation of motorcycles or bicycles. Nor get out of the vehicles.

The tour will be from the Plaza de los Luceros, Alfonso el Sabio, go around La Rambla, Alfonso X el Sabio and ends at the Plaza de los Luceros.

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