The acting Minister of Health, Consumption and Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, attended the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas Lara, to whom he has transferred "the full disposition" of the Government to work "jointly and from the institutional cooperation".

"It is up to the autonomous presidents to define the political orientation and actions of their governments, and the Government of Spain to respect those decisions and cooperate as far as possible to make them effective," said the minister. "Both governments, from our political positions, respond to the same obligation to promote and guarantee the rights of citizens of Ceuta and guarantee the proper functioning of their public services," he insisted.

Carcedo has been convinced that "in this common obligation and with respect to the competences of each instance," there will be "multiple agreements", both in the development of joint projects in which there is already a commitment to work in addressing new initiatives.

"President Pedro Sánchez and his Government are aware of our obligations of institutional loyalty and the necessary understanding with the authorities of the Autonomous Communities and Cities," he assured.

The minister has specified "three fundamental extremes" of institutional loyalty. First, respect for the political competences and responsibilities of each institution. "This allows different and even opposed political orientations and requires cooperation in the implementation of the legitimate decisions of each instance, even when they do not agree with the own options," he has justified.

He has also highlighted the search for agreements and areas of joint progress through constant communication and cooperation. As he explained, joint projects "are usually more effective and successful than isolated initiatives".

In the third place, it has referred to the constant consideration of the rights, demands and interests of the citizens of Ceuta, "of all of them regardless of their ideological ascription, their origin or how many differences exist at each moment".

The minister referred to the political pluralism reflected in the electoral results and in the composition of the Ceuta assembly. "It demands that constant attention to the various political groups," he has defended. It also "demands a daily effort to reach the broadest possible agreements that reinforce the integrating vocation of our democratic system and our constitutional model."

Finally, Carcedo has offered Juan Jesús Vivas "the widest and most sincere disposition to the agreement". "The same we trust that you will know how to express your Government," he assured. "On behalf of President Sánchez, I also wish him the greatest fortune in his mandate and that with him Ceuta will once again be an example of coexistence, integration and development," the minister concluded.

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