The Minister of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, has presented the Special Recognition Award of the NAOS strategy (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention) to Pau Gasol, who shares with his brother Marc, for the work they do through the Gasol Foundation to combat childhood obesity.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) recognizes in the XII NAOS Awards the task carried out by the Gasol brothers, "for their leadership in sport and for transmitting the values ​​of sport and physical activity among the youngest," according to its director, Marta Garcia

María Luisa Carcedo has highlighted the "undisputed leadership" of Pau and Marc Gasol in national basketball in international and in sports in general. "You are an example of the essential values ​​that sport conveys to our children and youth," he stressed.

The acting minister has highlighted the values ​​that the Gasol brothers reflect: commitment, effort, perseverance, humility and respect. For all these reasons, they are "role models." "You have the appreciation and affection of all Spaniards," he insisted.

The event also had the presence of the Minister of Culture and Sports in charge, José Guirao, who highlighted the "incalculable value" of the principles that sport and athletes transmit to society and in particular to children and adolescents . "Athletes are their heroes," he insisted.

Guirao has thanked the Gasol brothers for the life model they spread as athletes and through its foundation. "Obesity is one of the worst plagues of the 21st century," he recalled.

The diploma was collected by Pau Gasol, taking advantage of his visit to Spain and thanked the recognition in his name and that of his brother Marc. "It is an honor for me to receive this recognition for the work that my brother and I have been doing through the Gasol Foundation. Currently, our country is in the top positions in the European ranking of childhood obesity -4 of every 10 Spanish children are overweight- and this trend has to change, "he said.

Gasol has valued the joint effort in the fight against childhood obesity: "Public administrations, private entities and civil society in general must work together so that families, schools, primary care centers and other agents become key entities for the promotion of health among children, with a holistic approach that includes healthy eating, physical activity, emotional well-being and rest. "

The Gasol brothers, both NBA players, launched the Gasol Foundation in 2013, with the aim of combating the high rates of childhood obesity registered in Spain. The Foundation develops programs through four pillars: sports and physical activity, healthy eating, the importance of hours and the quality of rest and the emotional well-being of children and their families.

AESAN, with the support of Higher Sports Council (CSD), recognizes in the XII NAOS Strategy Awards, the dedication of the Foundation to the transmission of healthy lifestyles among the youngest, with the key involvement of family members and educators so that children acquire knowledge, attitudes and the basic habits for its full development.

Currently, the Gasol Foundation is conducting the STEPS Study on Physical Activity, Sedentary and Obesity in Spanish children and adolescents. The Acting Minister stressed that the study has the support of AESAN and will provide data on physical activity and sedentary lifestyle by these population groups.

Together with Pau and Marc Gasol, the jury has awarded seven other programs, carried out by institutions and entities throughout Spain. He has also granted the second prize to so many other projects. AESAN recognizes the promotion of healthy eating and the practice of physical activity in the family, school, work and business fields.

The event also participated by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare, the Secretary General of Health and Consumer Affairs, Faustino Blanco, and the Secretary of State for Social Services, Ana I. Lima.

The XII NAOS Strategy Awards failed on April 10 and will be awarded to the rest of the winners at a public event next November.


● NAOS Strategy Award of special recognition, to Mr. D. Pau and Mr. Marc Gasol for transmitting the values ​​of sport and physical activity and for their commitment to the health of the youngest, for the collaboration maintained over time with various organizations in favor of children, as well as the implementation, since 2013, of the Gasol Foundation to contribute to reducing childhood obesity rates, through the promotion and transmission of healthy lifestyles.

● Promotion of healthy food in the family and community, to the project "Feeding your health in a sustainable way. Promotion of healthy and sustainable food in the university community (University of the Balearic Islands)", presented by the University of the Balearic Islands. Balearic Islands

● Promotion of the practice of physical activity in the family and community environment, to the "Local Strategic Plan of Borriana for the promotion of physical and sports activities in school age" Pla Pati "2014-2020", presented by the Borriana City Council. Valencian Community.

● Promotion of healthy eating in the school environment, to the "Taste of Living" project, presented by the Hurchillo Public School "Manuel Riquelme". Valencian Community.

● Promotion of the practice of physical activity in the school environment, to the "Healthy and Happy" project, presented by CEIP SES AA La Paz (Learning Community). Castilla la Mancha.

● Health area, to the "EFIGRO Project", presented by the Public University of Navarra. Foral Community of Navarra.

● Labor scope, to the project "Red Eléctrica Empresa Saludable", presented by Red Electrica de España S.A.U. Madrid's community.

● Business initiative, to the "Ekilibria" project, presented by Eroski. Basque Country.

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