In fact, he explained that "currently all the evaluation bodies that make up the Spanish Network of Health Technology Assessment and Benefits Agencies of the SNS (RedETS) have incorporated patients into their evaluation projects in different ways since their knowledge, perspective and experience add value to decision-making. "Some have counted on them in the elaboration of objectives and others have gathered their opinions and experiences.

For this, Carcedo recalled, "a methodological framework was defined that established how the involvement of patients should be in this process."

In addition, the minister has insisted that "another fundamental agent in this process are health professionals and scientific societies whose collaboration is considered as one of the main axes of action within the framework of the Network." In this line of participation, he added, "work is being done so that the industry can have its role in certain phases of the process, in a framework of transparency and rigor."

In this way, all the parties involved are integrated in this work. "This effort to move towards a participatory methodology will contribute to the availability of quality products," said Carcedo.

Evidence based decisions

The minister has pointed out that the SNS has many challenges ahead, such as the new demographic reality and technological innovation, and that for this, having scientific evidence such as that provided by RedETS is essential: "In Health, having a system that allows us to make decisions based on in evidence it provides enormous value to explain well to the citizens the measures we put in place. "

María Luisa Carcedo has indicated that this is the mechanism that the SNS has to support decision-making in relation, for example, with the Portfolio update: "Recently, for example, thanks to the evaluation of the Network, the Ocular reader to the orthoprosthetic portfolio or the micro-pigmentation of the mammary halo or neonatal screening. "

In addition, the Network plays an important role in the early detection of emerging technologies "with the objective of providing timely information on the potential impact that a new technology can have on the SNS to have access to innovations that are really efficient and beneficial" , Carcedo said.

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