Carcedo explained that the Ministry of Health has, for this plan, "with other ministries, regional governments and experts."

On this day, organized by the NGO Save the Children, which takes place within the Climate Summit, the minister has assured that "this Plan will describe the main environmental factors that influence human health and establish the objectives and lines of intervention" . Specifically, Carcedo has detailed that this initiative will encompass actions in all areas relevant to health and climate.

Thus, it will address issues such as the health impact of air quality, indoor environmental quality, sanitary water quality or chemical management. Likewise, areas such as emerging chemical risks, endocrine disruptors, biomonitoring, environmental radioactivity and electromagnetic fields and non-ionizing radiation are collected.

This plan will also deal with UV radiation, noise, disease-transmitting vectors, extreme temperatures and habitat quality and green cities. Likewise, everything related to industrial pollution and the relationship between climate change and health.

"In addition – Carcedo explained – the Plan will include the implementation of a system of health and climate change indicators that help us to know the real conditions of change and to design a just transition through different measures depending on the characteristics of the territories and the people. "

Other measures

The minister recalled that Spain already has other measures such as "the Plan for the Prevention of Health Effects of Excess Temperatures, which has had significant results in reducing deaths, or the Preparation and Response Plan for Diseases Transmitted by Vectors".

Carcedo has emphasized that, in this fight, we must all get involved: "In addition to governments, every person who lives on the planet has the responsibility to protect them from a present or future catastrophe" and has admitted that "climate change is an opportunity for overcoming humanity. If we don't act faster, the victims caused by the weather and environmental factors will continue to increase. "

Involvement of the youngest

Minister Carcedo has indicated that, given this situation, citizens, especially the youngest, feel helpless: "They perceive the problems of the climate and how they affect the planet and its health but feel that they cannot do anything." And he has sent a message of encouragement: "We are here because we believe that action can be taken and that unity is strength."

Therefore, he has invited attendees at COP25 not to consume thoughtlessly because every act of consumption we carry out has consequences. Like throwing a cowboy into the laundry basket when we have only put it on once, drinking water in plastic bottles or traveling by car to go to school. "Our purchasing decisions have an impact on our health, on the environment, on working conditions and on economic development," said Carcedo.

Along these lines, he explained that the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare launched the Consumópolis school contest with the aim of betting on education in this area and to advance in the construction of a healthy, supportive and sustainable society. And it has encouraged the youngest to also do an awareness work with their parents: "recycle, do not put the heating on butt or leave the computer screen all night on".

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