Holders of his intervention:

  • He considers that “Sanchez must appear in the Plenary Session of the Congress for the immigration crisis that is summed up in a missing president and some ministers saying one thing and the opposite on the same day. Sanchez has to face in the lower house and not through tweets. ”
  • He points out that “the management of the Government has been to forget. He has neither acted nor led as he should, the PP has offered him a great pact but Sanchez continues with his appearances calculated thinking about his polls and propaganda.
  • He shows his "surprise" because Podemos has requested the appearance of the Vice President of the Government when they have always said that "immigration was a major issue that required explanations at the highest level." He wishes that "We may not have two measuring rods on a subject as sensitive as immigration."
  • He affirms that “this is the most uncoordinated and headless government in the recent history of Spain. Sanchez has been missing, without showing his face, without talking to the EU countries or exercising the leadership that corresponds to him ”.
  • Remember that “the Open Arms is the same NGO that Sánchez praised in 2018, before arriving in Moncloa, the same that he held for months in the port of Barcelona without letting it go out to sea, the same one he offered weeks ago to dock in the port of Algeciras with the immigrants on board, and the same one to which the Government has alluded with the fine of 900,000 euros if it docks in Spanish port ”.
  • He wonders why Sánchez intervened with a 17-day delay although from the minute one was informed of the problems of the Open Arms, why he offered the port of Algeciras, which was 6 days of navigation, and why now changes the usual protocol for Pick up 15 people by sending a Navy ship with a 6-day cruise.

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