Carlos Rojas durante el pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados

Holders of his speech:

  1. After the memory of the victims of the coronavirus and the health workers, the GPP deputy spokesperson recalls that Royal Decree-Law 16/2020 “was born wounded by the lack of
    consensus with legal operators ”.

  2. He denounces that “this has been a mistake by the Government that is constantly repeated in this crisis: it asks us to support it, but it does not offer dialogue and closes the

  3. He reproaches the Minister of Justice that the Executive continues to persevere in these errors, and that the last one is that "provinces like Granada, my province, are denied the change of phase in de-escalation when there are sanitary districts in the province that perfectly comply with what is required. And nobody from the Government explains why ”.

  4. It demands "respect for the separation of powers and democracy", since "the state of alarm is protected in Congress, it does not end it. The alarm state cannot
    raise alarm in our freedoms and our rights. If they go that way, they will have us in front of them. ”

  5. He underlines that the main problem of the Royal Decree is that "it lacks economic endowment", which is why it will be very difficult for the
    measures thereof.

  6. “The cataract of norms of the last weeks, put, removed, changed, annulled and rectified, generate a normative puzzle like we have never seen before.
    They are the volleys of his Government to the principle of legal security, the populist claws of a Government that in the state of alarm does not hesitate to push the limit to
    freedom of expression, freedom of movement for citizens, the exercise of democracy or the slightest common sense. "

  7. ”Mr. Iglesias cannot say that Justice is corrupt and be free of blemishes and without any contraindication from his ministry; You cannot call the judges "reactionary robes" and you remain silent, "he reproaches.

  8. “The State is not there to control us, it is to protect us. We are all offering our support to the health authorities to control this pandemic,
    but we will never give in to the partisan interests of any governmental ideology ”. "We will only be with the interests of the Spanish, free and equal",

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