July 25, 2020.- The national deputy of VOX for Cádiz, Carlos Zambrano, together with the Andalusian parliamentarian of VOX for Cádiz, Angela Mulas, They have met with some families from the fair sector of the province, to listen closely to their situation and their demands and concerns.

Zambrano has regretted that no administration has adequately addressed, in this pandemic situation, the situation of a sector largely composed of seasonal self-employed, made up of tens of thousands of families, and which provides employment for thousands of other workers. The state of alarm has surprised many of these self-employed in a situation of loss in the RETA, "which means that they have not been able to access some aid or benefits, and they tell us that they feel abandoned."

Within their demands, they request that they count on their participation in the different economic work tables of the Central and Autonomous Governments, or that their true situation be recognized, that aid be provided to them and that the benefit for cessation of activity or ERTES be extended to the less until the second semester of 2021. And this, “because every day they lose more fairs and more events, which they cancel from their agenda, which means a zero income in their homes, which means that they have real liquidity problems for the payment of rents, basic expenses or various taxes ”, highlighted the deputy.

Zambrano has assured those present that VOX will not leave them in oblivion. “We have already insisted on measures to serve the seasonal self-employed, and we are working on proposals at all levels where this sector is included; because it is not logical that the Government forget so many thousands of complete families who live from this. "

Ask in the Andalusian Parliament

For its part, the Andalusian parliamentarian for VOX in Cádiz, Ángela Mulas, has spoken with the Cadiz fairmen about the proposals that since her party have been carried out in the Andalusian parliament. Mulas was referring, for example, to the question he recently asked in the Finance, Industry and Energy Commission, to the Counselor Mr. Bravo, about aid for the union.

The parliamentarian reported that she has made it clear in parliamentary headquarters that "it is illogical that they can open amusement parks, with a certain capacity, but nevertheless these people are not allowed to set up their facilities, without providing them with any type of economic alternative".

Mulas has given them a glimpse of hope at the response he received from the Minister of Finance, Industry and Energy; ensuring interest in aid on ITVs and that some autonomous aid with less requirements than the ICO loans offered by the central government already exist from the autonomous government.

But for the parliamentarian for Cádiz, “what is perhaps the most important commitment that I could get from the counselor, is the work that he promised to do together with the Ministry of Health to study how to treat this sector equally with that of the amusement parks ”, a proposal that the tradesmen received with joy and from which they expect many more than a single commitment.

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