Jerez de la Frontera, May 15, 2020. – Carlos Zambrano, deputy of the parliamentary group Vox in Congress, deeply regrets the difficult economic situation facing Spain and especially the Cádiz province, derived from the coronavirus crisis and mismanagement by the Government.

Carlos Zambrano has analyzed the situation in depth, through a press conference, emphasizing the feeling of abandonment that they have transmitted several businessmen from the province of Cádiz. In several contacts with freelancers and small entrepreneurs, they have transferred their deep concern about the lack of liquidity and the loss of jobs.

The deputy recalled the unemployment rate in Cádiz before the coronavirus crisis, which was around 24%, while the national rate was 13%. Carlos Zambrano has indicated that the province of Cádiz has made headlines for being the province with the most ERTEs of Andalusia. He denounces the bad starting situation to face the crisis, remembering that the provincial economy depends a lot on the service sector, which comes out very badly from this crisis. He has also referred to the fact that Vox has requested PCR tests from all tourists that they enter Spain as a guarantee for the sector.

The deputy of the VOX group has regretted the contradictions between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in relation to the prohibition of Sales, a very important issue for the Commerce sector, which is in a situation of clear uncertainty and legal insecurity.

Precisely Zambrano claimed stability and a legal security framework so that business investments are carried out and that the productive fabric does not decline. He claims that "public administrations hear the businessman more."

With respect to agricultural sector, has referred to various issues, recalling for example the difficulties in the absence of manpower, and has referred to VOX's proposals in relation to this matter.

On the other hand, he has referred to the fact that the small businessman hardly has the means to keep himself well informed of the aid and measures that come from the Administration. For this reason, it has called for effective information campaigns and media or channels to answer questions and facilitate procedures. The lack of resources in small companies can make them lose the opportunity to access aid that would allow them to survive this crisis.

Carlos Zambrano calls on the government for solutions, not ideological proposals. You have remembered the Social problems derived from this crisis, to which are added those of the loss of freedoms. You have remembered the proposals that has led Vox to Congress to provide liquidity to companies. A fair compensation has been requested for the forced closing of businesses, which implies not charging Self-employed fees or lower taxes for the closing time, since they have been prevented from working these months. It also considers that tobonar gross wages it is a necessary measure to save businesses and offset their closure. Another measure is streamline the lines of guarantees and financing so as not to delay payments and a tax reduction plan. For it, the administration must reduce its expenses. The deputy recalls that helping the business structure will be the best social measure.

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