At the closing of the meeting Walking together, in which the results of the program 'Calí. For the equality of Roma women, of the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation, the vice president thanked the work of Roma women "who have taken a very brave step forward" to fight against discrimination and inequality.

"We have to continue working, not only in the field of equality policies and feminism, but especially in education policies, with a transformation of the educational legislation of our country that converts public education into an equal and inclusive education of all the diversities, including the diversity of Roma girls and boys, "the vice president pointed out.

Calvo has placed special emphasis on the fight against gender violence, which "is gender violence and not something else". "To deny this is to deny reality," added Calvo, who stressed that "this concept can not be questioned, not even from the intellectual point of view, nor from the point of view of the political objectives of democracy and much less from the legal point of view ".

"Nobody could think that we should be answering this right now, but here we are answering it and it will require the effort of everyone, of the immense number of democratic men who share this vision of democracy building with us. , payas and gypsies, I cali and others, "he added.

Calvo has concluded his speech by saying that "there is nothing that I find more admirable and respectable than those gypsy women who are feminists, because it is a particularly difficult struggle for you, in the individual and in the collective field".

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