During her speech, the vice president stressed that "even though some resist, there is no other horizon of evolution of humanity and humanity than the struggle for diversity in equality for the realization of individual freedom and freedom of Collective liberties: this is the question of any model of coexistence in democracy, which continues in struggle anywhere in the world. "

Carmen Calvo has called "to reflect on the policies of equality in democracies, those that pose it in an inclusive manner, to assume our immense diversity in the construction of our freedoms.The policies of equality are the true constituent element of democracy. equality is not like anything but being able to build your own path in freedom ".

Finally, Calvo stressed that "the fight is on the social and political level." The approach of the radicals again puts in the spotlight all those groups that do not fit in their ethical model.The answer is the constant social awareness , because it can not have been excluded or marginalized in a democratic model ".

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