Calvo has affirmed that it is necessary "a social and political agreement against sexism, in which the role of education and the media will be decisive".

In statements to the media, Calvo has asserted that "violence occurs because there are sexist societies, that is their breeding ground" and has referred to the Council of Europe recommendations to prevent sexism. "Europe has to react" and has to bet on "new records for a new approach to the problem, murders occur because we live in discriminatory societies and for no other reason," he said.

Calvo has pointed out that the 1,000 women, the 28 minors killed, the 243 orphans and their families "require the same respect as any other victim of which this country has shown to know how to respect over 40 years."

Likewise, she has reproached the far right that, by questioning gender-based violence, weakens this struggle and "lacks a lot of respect for these women and the trail of pain left in their families and in their children."

"Intrafamily or structural violence has nothing to do with gender-based violence, which occurs against women because it is so and is a concept that has had to be worked on for decades from a social, political and social point of view. legal, "said the acting vice president, who explained that" is in international treaties such as the Istanbul Convention that Spain ratified, in the jurisprudence of our courts, in our laws and in the laws and jurisprudence of other countries democratic ones comparable to ours ".

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