"Gender violence is the cruellest face of a sexist society, we must reeducate society so that it is not, because it is the only way to prevent machismo, violence and discrimination," he said.

During a visit to the Equality Center of the Municipality of Móstoles, the acting vice president announced that she will present the report tomorrow to the Council of Ministers, which includes a definition of sexism for the first time in an international text. "It is extraordinarily useful to begin to innovate equality policies," said Calvo, who raises "four years of work in unison" from the Government of Spain with respect to Europe.

"Sexism is not compatible with democracy, the murder of women and children is the most important thing that has to face a political system that calls itself democratic", asserted the acting vice president, who recalled the figures of violence sexist since there are statistics: 998 women and 28 children killed, and 243 orphans.

Noel, who has met with the workers of the Center of Equality of the Municipality of Móstoles, has highlighted the "important effort" made by the mayor of the city, Noelia Posse, and has raised the need to "rethink" some things to be more efficient For this, he said, "we have to reflect as a country listening to the municipalities, which are the closest administrations."

In this sense, she has valued the work of "women organized in the workplace, business, those who work in the defense of women and children with disabilities and the feminist movement of Móstoles, reflecting what is happening in our country thanks to the impulse of young women. "

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