Carmen Calvo says that the new political culture asks to respond with "more and better democracy"

During her speech in a debate organized by the Joly Group in Seville, the first vice president has argued that the policy of the last "six or seven years" in our country has gone through a new period.

"Society has become more fragmented and more diverse and in the face of this diversity we have to react with very different methods of work. When someone thinks that there is conflict, surely what has to be is a pact, when someone thinks that they have won or losing, surely you have to understand that there has to be an agreement, "said Calvo, who has apostilled that" this change of mentality "is necessary because democracy" is never guaranteed. "

Coalition government

Pool Moncloa / Borja Puig de la BellacasaExecutive number two has said that our political system is giving "evidence of resistance" in recent years, first with the motion of censure and then with the coalition government. "That our system passes tests that are planned in democracies is very reassuring," he said.

Calvo said that with the coalition government "we have passed an important test that our own model was expectant. Two parties that remain different but who know how to find support points to have a majority in the House and move forward the Executive."

The vice president has assured that the objectives of this coalition formula are "to carry out a progressive and reformist government program, which has already obtained the confidence of the Chamber, and that it will strive to maintain fiscal responsibility and economic balance."

"We need to repair the wounds caused by the crisis, we need important structural reforms that allow us to transform our economy, that allow us to redistribute and generate employment with a commitment to sustainability and climate justice," he said.

Government number two has claimed the culture of the pact "to which we will all have to get used to for the good of our country." In this sense, he said that "it is a new job where white or black does not matter, but gray or broken white."


With regard to the political situation in Catalonia, the vice president has stressed that "this government is concerned about nationalist tensions and much more those that end in the independence movement that crosses the lines of legality and ends in the courts" and has called A space for dialogue, construction and meeting. "If someone has a better idea than the dialogue and the exit of an agreement that allows us to maintain the territorial unit of Spain with Catalonia to say so," he said, "the rest of the formulas have not worked," he concluded.

March 8

Carmen Calvo during her interventionThe first vice president has referred during her speech to the next celebration of 8-M, International Women's Day, a date that "will never leave our calendar, because feminist proposals are the core element of sustainability of the democracy of this 21st century, "he said.

Calvo recalled the difficulties of feminism "to break through the political calendar" and the fight of "so many women throughout the ages". "Without the voice of women, democracy will never be sustainable," he said.


Carmen Calvo has been pleased to be in Andalusia because "it represents the cradle of Spanish constitutionalism, the cradle of the fight for modernity and freedoms more than 200 years ago, of what Goya called Spain with light and lights", and He added that "memory and memory are necessary because" they force us to know where we come from and where we are going. "In this sense he also wanted to make a reminder of February 28, Andalusia Day," was an opportunity that 40 years knew how to see the Andalusians in the democracy that started ".


The First Vice President has pledged on behalf of the Government to make structural reforms to address demographic and depopulation problems. Calvo has been in favor of betting more on Europe. In this regard, he said that "we need the budget of the European Union to grow in order to protect in particular the funds of the Common Agricultural Policy for our agriculture." Government number two has thanked "the position that the field has decided to maintain after a crisis" and added that "their demands, reasonable and possible resolutions, seem worthy".

The vice president has concluded her intervention by calling on the rest of the political formations to contribute to the stability and progress of our country: "The 21st century demands a State like the one we have, a power like the one we are, a democracy like the that we have already consolidated that this Government is ready from the concrete policies. For that we expect the loyal support of the opposition in the State policies ".

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