Carmen Calvo: "The Government has given a health, social and economic response to the situations caused by the global pandemic in our country"

The 1st Vice President said that "we have faced an unknown situation with no route to follow, no precedent to lean on or a known strategy", and it has affected that we are facing a "fundamentally sanitary crisis of the health of our compatriots , a test of resistance of our health system and of the coordination capacity of public administrations, but it is a crisis with social and economic consequences ".

De-escalation Committee

Carmen Calvo has explained to their lordships the composition and functions of the Descaling Committee "chaired by the Prime Minister, and in which the competent authorities are called, that is, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Interior , the Minister of Transport and the authorities who, by delegation of these ministries, are present in a different rank from the political one, in addition to the 4 vice-presidencies of the Government and the Minister Spokesperson. This Committee of Descaling meets 3 times a week and we work to go opening our country to normality. In the final documents that have been issued, describing the four phases of de-escalation, 80% of all the proposals, claims, ideas and suggestions of the autonomous communities collected in the crowd have been accepted of meetings that the 4th Vice President and the Minister of Health have been holding with them. "

"Despite what happens very frequently in political life, in my opinion there has been more controversy at the first political level – in which it is most widely broadcast in the media – than in coordination much more loyal and fruitful than it has occurred at the technical levels, both in the health departments and in the ministries, "Calvo continued during his appearance.

Extension of the Alarm State

The 1st Vice President has also explained once again that "the State of Alarm is the most guaranteeful instrument that our entire legal system has, it is the only one that allows any public authority to submit to the authorization of Congress, the seat of sovereignty of our We have chosen the most democratic and guaranteed path, so that after the first 15 days, the president has submitted to government control every 2 weeks. "

"It has nothing to do with the State of Exception, in which rights are suspended, and its processing is completely different. The State of Alarm limits them but does not cancel or suspend them and is not intended for security problems: the problem is health, it comes from outside and nobody causes it, and we have to face it with the weapons of health reaction, and with the behavior of our country, which is being exceptional, being in a good climate and with a model of life very sociable: We understood that it was necessary to move away from each other and control our mobility; anyone can feel more than satisfied ".

Carmen Calvo during her appearanceCarmen Calvo stressed that "at no time have the powers of the autonomous communities been collected, they have always maintained their full powers, coordination was simply mandatory because the virus does not understand ideas or borders. The great obligation of the Government was to have an answer that is the same for everyone, that in all the territories they could be treated healthily, and have the possibility of controlling the situation in which they could find themselves immersed. "

The vice president has continued her intervention, noting that "the extension that we will bring to this House after its approval in the Council of Ministers, is radically different because the only thing it intends is to accompany the de-escalation in its four phases until the end. It is an extension in Only one competent authority will remain: the health authority, because we will only need to continue to have control over health issues; the other authorities that we have colluded with the health care system until now we will need will disappear. The health authority that we want your honorable members to understand and support This week's debate is held in a kind of checkpoint in case at any time an outbreak or a setback forces us to limit mobility in our country. No one in local or regional competitions can prevent it from moving from one territory to another, only the Government of Spain can do it and we want to keep that vigilance until the last moment p So that all the de-escalation goes in the right direction and that we achieve the objectives that we intend ".

"There will be territories that may be in one phase and others in another: We will propose to your lordships that the state of alarm can be lifted if some territories advance rapidly, we will not have any problems, but we feel the enormous responsibility of having that last control only of preventive and sanitary nature.Co-governance will prevail in this extension, because among other reasons it is the autonomous communities that must respond in terms of Intensive Care Units, primary care and sanitary response, which allows us to know that if at any time we are going to back or there is a rebound, the capacity we have is correct, "continued Vice President Carmen Calvo during her presentation.

He has also emphasized that this latest extension that the Government is going to present in the Congress of Deputies for its approval "is necessary for the social and economic response of our country to this crisis, particularly for those who have already been out of work or they depend on ERTEs, because the business world as a whole, not only self-employed and SMEs, needs a roadmap now, when the pandemic data is giving way, even if not equally throughout the territory. They need to have a horizon over the one to move and to be able to plan the reconstruction as soon as possible ".

Parliamentary activity during the state of Alarm

Carmen Calvo during her appearanceThe vice president has pointed out that during the state of Alarm "the Minister of Health has come every Thursday, this House has only lost 3 plenary sessions and the Senate only 2, while we have parliaments of autonomous communities with closed regional parliaments, even with records closed and in some with open registers only for COVID issues.19 We have answered more than 10,000 questions in this period of alarm, it has been perfectly compatible with the vigor of democratic life in our country and with the right of their lordships to Government control. Practically all the ministers have appeared to discuss these circumstances in their corresponding committees "

Finally, Carmen Calvo recalled that "we have managed to activate solidarity funds in Europe. We coincided with Italy and France has also joined in a reconstruction proposal and how Europe has to give a homogeneous and forceful response to what the pandemic".

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