Carmen Calvo has indicated that we must be alert "to the threats that democracy faces, because it is the term station and it is only necessary to improve it", during the presentation of the book 'The controversy Smend / Kelsen on the Constitution and the State during the Republic of Weimar: Constitution and Constitutional Law vs. the state as integration ', translated by José María Beneyto and Juan Antonio García Amado.

During his speech at the event held at the Embassy of Germany and hosted by the ambassador in Spain, Wolfgang Dold, the vice president stressed that "we are at a great moment in history, a moment of debate on the rule of law in Europe and In the world, Smend and Kelsen try to solve the same question through very different paths, time has shown us that both were right ".

The vice president has stressed that "emotions and feelings of belonging have to end up yielding to the norms that allow for individual and collective diversity." Legal security is part of the material constitution: of organized life in the model of constitutional state. .

Calvo went on to say that "the debate in the German space ends up being the heritage of democracy itself, not only in historical terms for all European democracies but also for what Europe means in the world. experience that we have acquired and accumulates legal and political knowledge, and circumstances change, but the same situation continues to occur: the old dilemma of legal security for coexistence ".

The vice president concluded his speech recalling that "today we continue to touch the same essence with different circumstances: populisms, nationalisms, exacerbated selfishness, radicalities are presented as destroyers of the intermediate space where everything is built." Truths are never at the extremes We must transfer to younger people that there is no alternative model or alternation of models, or State formulas that appear magically. "

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