The vice president of the Government, Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Equality in office, Carmen Calvo, said today that "without us is not democracy, without our participation and our positions, you can not do politics in any democracy "

In this regard, he assured that "the constitutive axis of what democracy has to do is build the whole agenda of the State around equality" and "whoever does not want to see it will lose the opportunity to see what is going to happen to democracy in this century, whoever does not want to participate in it, will have to question his condition as a democrat. "

Speaking at the inauguration of the second edition of the Women's Business & Justice European Forum held in Barcelona, ​​the acting vice president pointed out that "European democracies have a particular responsibility now in the world in sustaining the model, in advancing and in the depth of democracy "and added that" it is not only the quantitative right to the distribution of power, but the capacity for transformation that women can have. "

Calvo has asserted that this is "the great challenge of the 21st century", since "the main issue of democracy is equality between men and women and all policies converge from this central axis".

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