La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Carmen Navarro

Holders of his speech:

  1. The spokeswoman for the Demographic Challenge of the PP reproaches the minister for speaking "of those who have left" because they are "27,000 deceased, 27,000 compatriots who have
    dead in this health crisis, they are not gone, they have lost their lives. ”

  2. "This is the same with regard to the high-end of success but, unfortunately, your government is at the high end of irresponsibility and ineffectiveness."

  3. He assures that the minister “is very busy in everything and in nothing, because now she is also the coordinator of the plan for the de-escalation, announcing here that she has been since March 15 and the press echoes on April 15. What contradictions your government has, Madam Vice President! ”

  4. “Spain needs certainty, they cannot live installed in obscurantism avoiding responsibilities. They are the Government of lies ”.

  5. He points out that it is evident that the De-escalation Plan bears the Minister's seal, “because it has been left out of phase 1, and we do not know for what phase, hunting and fishing, which are one of the main engines for our Spain rural, but his animosity blinds him once again. ”

  6. Calls for the recovery of the 300×100 broadband plan for the entire national territory. "It has been delayed for two years of execution just for having the mark of the Popular Party and President Rajoy. This has meant that thousands of people in their towns have not had the internet during this health crisis. ”

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