La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Carmen Riolobos

• The GPP consumer spokesperson calls on the Government to make effective the protection of the health of the entire population with massive tests and guaranteeing the supply of basic products -masks-hydrogels and gloves-, and requires free masks for those over 65 years of age and vulnerable population

• Calls for the 21% VAT on facemasks, hydrogels and gloves to be eliminated due to the loss of purchasing power of the population

• Condemns "the inaction" of Minister Garzón, unable to guarantee the collection of essential material for the health protection of millions of consumers and users, exposed during 60 days of confinement and 4 cycles of quarantine

• Blames Sánchez and Garzón for the shortages and the overpricing of masks, hydrogels and gloves, before and during the Alarm State: “The denial of transmissibility, minimizing severity, the unpredictability of the impact and the chaotic management, full of errors, it has been lethal for consumers and users ”

• It holds the Social-Communist Government responsible for the greatest failure in public health in 100 years for not protecting the health of consumers against COVID-19, for ignoring the WHO recommendations, for the chaotic management of the epidemic that is out of control and for the current uncertainty after mismanagement of lack of confidence

• Accuses the Executive of "reckless" for not evaluating the risk of contagion or having hidden it the days before the 480 protests on March 8. "According to the FDA study, bringing forward the Alarm State by 8 days would have saved more than 17,000 lives and avoided 143,000 patients," he stresses.

• Blames the Government for adding to the health tragedy "the ruin of consumers due to the economic debacle and the social drama of unemployment", which has led more than a million people to not be able to pay their mortgages and credits as of April 30

• He sees "miserable" that Garzón has fattened the Ministry of Consumption with 6 new General Sub-directorates, increasing spending excessively and unnecessarily and "fingering" his communist comrades

• Reproves that the State of Alarm was used to place Churches in the CNI and put the petty interest of personal and partisan ego at the same level as the demands of guaranteeing essential supplies and services such as water, electricity, energy, telephone and food for 47 million consumers

• Asks the government to lower the VAT in the shopping basket in the face of the announced tax increase, because the incredible income of the 2020 macroeconomic picture cannot be loaded on the backs of consumers

• Demands the right to reimbursement of the costs of package tours, canceled and impossible to carry out due to movement restrictions

• Appreciates the work of health workers, pharmacists, nursing home workers, FyCSE, volunteers and the thousands of workers, professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs who have efficiently and exemplary guaranteed essential services to consumers. "Admirables", stresses

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