The municipal group of VOX in the City of Zaragoza has participated this Friday in the tribute to the victims of the attack perpetrated by the terrorist group ETA against the Casa Cuartel. And that took place on December 11, 1987, just 33 years ago. The event, held in the Parque de la Esperanza, was attended by the councilor of VOX, Carmen Rouco.

Rouco has lamented that "justice has not yet been done for the bloody barbarism devised by Josu Ternera" and has shown his "unconditional support" to the Association of Victims of Terrorism. The VOX councilor regretted that “neither the Government Delegate in Aragon, Pilar Alegría; nor the PSOE spokesperson in the Zaragoza City Council, Lola Ranera, have applauded the intervention of the delegate in Aragon of the Association of Victims of Terrorism, Lucía Ruiz ”. Something that is, in the opinion of the municipal group, "a whitewashing of ETA and its heirs." “What have they come for? There are no half measures here. Or you are with ETA and its heirs; or you are with the victims. It is not worth coming just for the photo ”, he concludes.

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